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Forming a New Chapter

Thank you for showing an interest in possibly becoming the founder of a new chapter of our organization. Our organization will assist you every step of the way. We recommend that you start by contacting your warm market of business contacts to find out who might be interested in becoming a part of your chapter. One of these example scenarios might possibly assist you in forming your chapter contacts:

  • Fellow businesses of like interest in your community
  • Fellow businesses who have a like charitable interest.
  • Fellow alumni from your alma mater
  • Other parents who are business owners at your child’s school or sports team
  • Members of your church or religious community

In order to formally create your chapter, we ask that you assemble a minimum of fifteen (15) prospective applicants to be considered for membership in our organization.  To assist you in your membership-building efforts, we will provide our Business Card invitations for your distribution.  Additionally, our office is happy to discuss and answer any questions that you or a prospective member might have.  We ask that you obtain the following from your initial prospective members:

  • An outline letting the national organization know the proposed day of the week, time and location of your weekly meeting.
  • A completed Membership application for each prospective member
  • A check from each member in the amount of the first year’s annual dues. This check will be promptly returned to the prospective member if, for some reason, the chapter is not formed or they do not become a member.

Annual organization dues are presently $395.00/year.  Chapter dues will differ by chapter location and will be discussed with you as we assist you with the formation of your chapter. In return for your work in forming a chapter of Entrepreneur’s Professionals, you will have the opportunity to act as President for the first two years of chapter operation. Chapter Presidents are exempt from paying annual organization dues.

At the time of formation of your chapter, Five percent (5%) of your chapter’s annual organization dues fees will be returned to your chapter to provide “seed money” for your chapter benefactor and your benefactor fundraising activities.

It is our goal to create a mutually beneficial relationship with you in the formation of your chapter. Please click here to contact our national office for more information on how to get started.

Membership Application – Click to Download