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If you are a business owner who wants to go to a meeting, pass out business cards, and see what others can give you in the way of leads, then this is not the group for you!

Our organization is not for everyone. However, if you are a person who has a genuine interest in growing your business by getting to know others in your community, sharing best practices and ideas, and giving back in service to your community, then we invite you to contact us and to consider becoming a part of this organization.


We invite business owners and decision-makers from all types of small to medium-sized businesses to become a part of our organization. Only one business of each type is allowed in a chapter. Each chapter chooses its own charity or community service benefactor. Entrepreneurs Professionals strives to create an organizational and chapter culture of trust, respect, ethical behavior, and dedication to community service. It is our hope to create a networking environment where business owners get to know and trust one another, both professionally and personally. It is also our hope that this group will be a lasting resource for our member businesses to enable them to develop, grow, create new business, and create solid, lasting business relationships and friendships. It is a principal of this organization that a member’s business and its development comes first and that this organization is indeed supplemental to the building of that business.

Our general program of activities is as follows:

  • Weekly meetings at a location and time of the chapter’s choosing
  • Bi-weekly Business Development Meetings, at a location and time of the chapter’s choosing, where members can discuss issues and best practices that will help them to grow their business and become more savvy business managers
  • Social events where members will get to know one another and form friendships.
  • Community Service/Fundraiser events where members will not only get to know one another and form friendships, but also have an opportunity to support their chapter benefactor.

Business Development and Marketing Enrichment

Entrepreneurs Professionals Business Development meetings are designed to enable our members to become stronger business owners. Whether you are just starting out with your business, or are a seasoned business owner, our goal is create an environment where you get answers to how to grow and develop your business. If you are a member of our organization and would like to view our latest Business Development Curriculum, please click here.

Our Business Development curriculum is designed to enable our members to become stronger business owners. If you need additional assistance with your marketing needs, MarketFinders® offers this assistance to you at a very competitive rate. To find our more about how the MarketFinders® team could assist you with your marketing needs, please click here