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Entrepreneurs Professionals is an organization that has two goals for the small business community:

  1. Creating new opportunities for the business community that will result in economic growth and sustainability for businesses and communities across America.  We feel that Small Business is the “Backbone of America,” and so we feel that opportunities for the creation and growth of small businesses and private practices translates into the creation and growth of American prosperity.
  2. Providing more than just assistance for the small business owner.  We feel that assistance does nothing for a business unless the business owner is trained in how to most effectively make use of that assistance.  We strive to create successful business owners who are successful both in their craft and in the running of their business.

As our country emerges from the Pandemic, we are developing programs to work with all types of small business owners to enable you to “Build Back Better,” and take your business to greater heights and a sustainable future.  


Entrepreneurs Professionals: Sharing Expertise for Business and Community Growth

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