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Lynn Sarkany: Entrepreneur, Marketing Strategist, College Professor, and Founder of Entrepreneurs Professionals

Lynn is a “Main St. Entrepreneur” and business Marketing Consultant with over 30 years of experience in her marketing practice, MarketFinders®. Her larger clients have included independent projects for Toyota, the Southern California Gas Company, Korean Airlines, American Express, and A.G. Edwards. She takes just as much pride in serving the “Doctor, contractor, restauranteur, hair stylist, and car mechanic next door.” Lynn's passion for marketing has led her to make her business growth expertise available to business of all sizes and types, and to relate marketing to all entrepreneurs, regardless of industry, to help them to pursue their dreams of business ownership. Lynn Sarkany has an Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Michigan, and an MBA in Marketing, having studied directly under Peter F. Drucker at the Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, CA. She has been an Adjunct Professor of Marketing, Management, and Public Relations at several universities in Southern California, and brings that curriculum development and teaching expertise to the development of programs for Entrepreneurs Professionals. 

“The education of the business owner on how to successfully execute business strategy is just as important as the creation of the strategy itself.”~Lynn Sarkany

After working as an Electrical Engineer for 14 years, Lynn made the decision to “reinvent” herself and pursue her dream of being an entrepreneur and business marketing consultant.  This led her to work with a diverse array of business types, from science, medical and engineering- based companies to restaurants and entertainers.  While gaining professional experience in all of those areas of Marketing, Lynn has seen the same pattern of disconnect hinder the success of many businesses time after time: 

  1. Lack of access to business capital
  2. Lack of access to competent and actionable business advice.

Through her many years of establishing a sound professional reputation, as well as many lasting business connections, Lynn has the ability and knowhow to connect viable business owners with the expertise that they need to get on track and take their business success to the next level.  As America gets past the Pandemic, Lynn has made the decision to devote her time to making this assistance program a reality. 

Entrepreneurs Professionals has a long history and reputation as an organization for the purposes of collaboration and education of the small business and private practice community, and Lynn Sarkany is now focusing her post-pandemic professional efforts on the creation of a legacy program that will enable the small business community at-large to recover from the economic ravages of the pandemic to create sustainable jobs creation and economic stability that will fortify communities all across America.  Lynn has the experience and know-how to put the pieces together to make this program a success!


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